Attach Your BlackBerry PlayBook to PC or Mac

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BBM 5.0 Lost my bbM ICON.. Plz help!! Running OS.5.0

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Oct 10,  · what you should try is do a battery pull, or just restart the whole bb. this happpened to me when i downloaded bbm my bbm icon was missing but once i did a quick pull it should up and everything was working.

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When a BlackBerry PlayBook is attached to a personal computer it essentially is treated as if it were an external hard drive. You can copy files to or from it, and a special BlackBerry software program can synchronize files so that both devices hold the same copy of the latest versions of those files. The tablet comes with its very own cable, with a Micro-USB connector at the end that attaches to the PlayBook the same port used by the battery charger , and a full-size USB connector that plugs into a port on any current PC or Mac computer.

Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager on a PC The setup for the two types of computer is slightly different, but once the proper instructions are made, they are essentially the same in operation. Open the Drivers folder and double-click Setup. The installation program runs.

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How to Use BBM Video Chat and BBM Screen Sharing on BlackBerry 10 to Enhance Business Collaboration

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How to Connect a Blackberry to a PC by Traci Joy There are few reasons that you would need to connect your Blackberry to a computer, such as transferring files, songs, ringtones and other downloads. If your Blackberry is connected, you can also perform fast downloads and upgrade the Blackberry software. Connecting a Blackberry to a PC is not difficult, and can be done in just a few easy steps. Power on your PC and turn on your Blackberry phone.

Insert the Blackberry driver installation software CD that came with your Blackberry phone. If you do not have this, proceed to Step 3. The PC will automatically search for drivers when the phone connects. It is advisable to have the cord connected to the phone before connecting it to the computer.

How Do You Swap SIM Cards and Switch Carriers on Your Unlocked BlackBerry Phones?

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I had downloaded the new eBay 2. That irked me a couple of months ago when they rolled this thing out. I’m now to the point where I’m fed up with useless apps such as the eBay app, and I have no BBM friends because I’m the last person out of my contacts that even uses a Blackberry.. Apparently not only are apps unable to run unless BBM is installed, but now BBM is unable to delete from my device after the 7. I’ve never encountered a problem with deleting BBM before. So basically I’m forced to have a useless app on my device, correct?

I’m very much aware that I can hide it, but it’s the principal of the matter, as petty as it is. I have been a solid Blackberry user since , and I find myself growing more fed up with each passing day.

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Blackberry Tips: Find Your Blackberry Messenger PIN to Connect with Friends