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Antennas Home-made antennas can greatly improve the performance of AM and FM radios, short-wave receivers, and scanners. If you are a talk-radio fan then experiment with the AM band antennas and you will be able to hear shows from all over the country with surprising clarity. Short-wave receivers are always coping with weak signals and they must have a good antenna to perform adequately. Scanners can pick up local police and two-way radio with the little telescoping antenna provided but with good antennas a scanner becomes an amazing ear on the world nearby. No pre-amp, filter or other receiver refinement offers anywhere near the level of performance improvement t that a well-designed antenna offers. The results can be quite satisfying, leaving no doubt that the project was well worth the effort. Active MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave In the past, designs that incorporated an amplifier in the antenna were called “antennafiers” so perhaps this is a “loopifier”.

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Included is my experience-driven rationale for what is in this kit and what is not, and why. I have used the types of parts and techniques in this kit for decades and it supports almost any kind of field radio installation from HF through 6 and 2 meters. For local and regional HF, I usually use a double dipole with legs for both 40 and 80 meters, fed in parallel from the same coax feedline.

Antenna Example Wiring for Standard Antenna Internet Connector (Optional) To Internet Router RG-6 Coax RG-6 Coax be able to feed up to 15 DISH receivers for 15 TVs. The LNBFs, or low-noise block The Hopper Internet Connector is used to connect a Hopper host receiver and/or.

Ultimately, I went with the Mohu Sky 60 and my family loves it. However, different situations may require different TV antennas. This article will consider those variables and help you chose the best TV antenna for you or your family. First, you will need to get a signal report to see which channels are available to you.

To discover the signal power in your area use this great tool from tvfool. Once you enter your address, you should receive a signal report like the one below. The channel that you see on your TV is the virtual channel. Stations do this to keep their channel brand while broadcasting on a higher powered virtual channel. Many things can cause signal loss and I cover that later in the article. The important thing to know is once the noise margin hits 0, the channel will not come in. These values will help you pick the best TV antenna.

I always recommend going with an outdoor antenna when possible. However, you will usually be able to pick up a TV channel with an indoor antenna as long as the noise margin or NM dB column is greater than

Connection a Flat Digital Antenna to an older Stereo receiver

Almost all will work fine, except that the receiver’s frequency range will be somewhat different from the circuit shown here. Multi-band operation requires a multi-ganged capacitor or plug-in coils but a very decent single band receiver can be built using any single gang variable capacitor with a maximum capacitance of to pF. If an air variable with a maximum capacitance over pF is used, the receiver will have more critical tuning, as more frequency range is packed into a single band.

The addition of a vernier reduction drive or the use of a fine tuning control with a bit more range will solve this problem. With the coil wired as shown in the schematic, 80 meter reception requires about pF total capacitance, 40 meters about 50pF. To change the received frequency range, simply add or subtract one or two turns from winding L2 more turns will lower the frequencies received, fewer turns will tune higher frequencies.

If you enjoy FM radio, there’s nothing worse than a poor FM signal in your home or apartment. Fading signals and static can take all the enjoyment out of your listening. But you can improve the reception of your FM receiver with a simple folded-dipole antenna design.

That’s unusual, but let’s run with it. You can make an adapter without needing to buy any specialized parts or solder anything: Find a friend who’s throwing out some coax, or ask a cable TV installer for scraps, or worst case go buy from the hardware store: Cut the cable, so you have a short piece with a connector on one end. Using a knife, wire stripper, or a coax stripping tool if you have one, carefully strip off the outermost insulation for an inch or so, revealing the braid outer conductor.

Unbraid the braid, then bundle the fine wires off to one side so that they are not surrounding the center conductor any more and lightly twist them together like they were a piece of stranded wire, for later convenience. Strip off the dielectric insulation around the center conductor, but not so far back it’ll short against the shield. Use the coupler to attach this to the end of your antenna cable.

Make sure no stray wires from the shield are shorting.

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This AM Antenna enhances reception and adds clarity to the simple antennas that are included with all home stereo receivers and desktop radios. The AN ‘s loop design allows an antenna that gives you the reception that normally would only be possible with a very long wire, hooked up directly to your radio. With the AN , it will work on all portable radios, without wires attached. The Kaito AN features a built-in tuning dial that allows precision tuning to the appropriate station and the selectivity to block out unwanted stations and noise; which without the antenna would crowd or “bleed” into the desired signal.

The antenna can also be adjusted by physically turning the loop in the direction of the station’s broadcast and pointing it directly at the station. One of the great things about this antenna is the possibilities available by selective tuning, loop adjustment and radio dialing.

FM Pro is a long-range powered FM antenna designed for the high-end FM consumer. Mounted indoors or outdoors with a totally unobstructed installation, the FM Pro provides the FM radio enthusiast with a unique blend of installation ease and exceptional reception.

The specs are 1. The power amplifier is configured as a DC power amplifier with the capacitors removed from the NFB circuit for a flat gain response. There are independent dual power supply circuits with separate power transformer windings to provide power for the left and right channels. This configuration excels in ridding the sound of undesirable interference. The FM IF amplifier combines five dual-element ceramic filters? The local oscillator includes Pioneer? This output of this extremely precise quartz oscillator is divided into frequencies of kHz and so reception frequencies which are a multiple of kHz are locked at every kHz.

The dial is just like that on a vintage Pioneer, but a few inches longer. It also has a quartz lock, but Pioneer grew a brain since the TX , and you can disable it on the front panel. The tuner has a 4-gang analog cap, and a single gang varactor for the oscillator, so the thing has a 5-gang tuner stuffed inside it. Stereo sensitivity is great at 36 dBf. Even so, distortion is only.

Anyhow, the spurious responce is dB, which is pretty decent.

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This article has been updated for to accomodate the latest technology and terms and how they may affect how you hook up your HDTV or 3D TV. We’ll also cover 3D TV and its implications for getting everything connected. The installer will then come out and install the new box ensuring that it is connected properly.

Could hook up to the a/v receiver? Request a sony nsz-gt1 1 or av receiver? Bluetooth and. Ready to my yamaha rx-v channel av power supply through an fm antenna? Able to connect to have a standard sky sky tv to u can either component such as subs to your at hdmi?

FM Tower solves reception problems in most areas and offers amplification of the incoming signals. Use of the internal amplifier is a benefit since most signals are affected by buildings, distance and even other radio stations. The Tower helps your receiver to get the clearest reception possible of the station you have tuned in. Omnidirectional Element Design Receives equally well in all directions. FM pi ensures quality radio reception with virtually any audio receiver under most reception conditions.

Used appropriately, the pi brings in more stations clearly and from greater distances with less noise than a conventional wire antenna. AM and FM reception is improved through use of high-grade parts assembled in an attractive housing. The pi is recommended when reducing noise is more important than receiving distant signals in most locations. Turn down its amplifier for urban and local reception.

Mounted indoors or outdoors with a totally unobstructed installation, the FM Pro provides the FM radio enthusiast with a unique blend of installation ease and exceptional reception.

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What is OTA television and how does it work? Over-the-air television is a term used to describe television signals that are broadcast by your local television broadcast towers as opposed to a cable or satellite signal. Since , these signals are broadcast using digital signals, as opposed to the analog signals, which were in use prior to There are currently 3 ways to pick up your local stations: The first is an OTA digital receiver which will receive your local channels.

Linkt the receiver’s cable to the one connected to your dish antenna. If the RV has a wall cable connector, connect the dish cable to the outer port and the receiver’s cable to the inner port. Route the cables through a window if you don’t have the aforementioned wall jack.

A lot of great content is accessible via the Internet, from sources like YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, and others. But will your old antenna work with modern, digital TV? In our case, the antenna was a large, s multi-directional behemoth that was hanging in our attic, unused for decades. However, my dad remembered it working quite well for analog TV, before cable was available in our area, so we decided it was worth the risk to try wiring it back up.

For TV wiring, it converts old ohm twin-lead wire to new ohm coaxial wire. If you have existing twin-lead wiring in good condition run to your TV, you can just use a balun where the twin-lead ends and a short length of coax to connect it to the TV. Otherwise, coaxial generally holds up better. There are many arguments about twin-lead vs.

The Antenna The first step in connecting the antenna to the TV is first getting to the antenna. Our antenna uses two bolts with wing nuts to hold the twin leads. This is where we attached the balun. Our old blue antenna this is only a small part of it , attached to the new balun and coaxial cable Under the right circumstances, a pre-amplifier which boosts the signal might be necessary.

How to Hook Up an FM Stereo Antenna

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: This is especially apparent on weaker DX stations. The whip on your shortwave receiver used to be sufficient to pull in some good DX, but now you find yourself looking for something better. Maybe you have been thinking, or even have already tried, putting up a wire antenna.

FM radio receivers need an antennae to pick up the signal a radio station transmits. FM radio signals are a much higher frequency than AM and therefore have a much more limited range.

The object of any installation is to deliver to the TV input terminals, signals that are strong enough to override the noise snow. Traditionally a “weak” signal is defined as one that is not strong enough to override the level of the noise in the receiver. Preamplifiers today are strill primarily used to deliver a strong digital signal to the receiver.

A loss of picture is now the result of weak signal. Generally if the level of the received signal is less than 1, uV at the receiver input terminals, preamplification is needed. Customer preference is another factor that must be weighed when considering the use of a preamp.

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Guys, thanks for all the input, it is appreciated. I was basically thinking along the lines of some sort of whip or flexible antenna that would pick up both AM and FM signal like I perceive the flexible antenna on my car does. On September 26, at It looks like a car antenna, but is only good for FM.

If Antenna TV is missing, you can add it by going to Settings > TV inputs > Antenna TV > Set up input. Follow the instructions on the TV screen to complete setup. Note: The placement of the HDTV antenna can affect which TV stations you may be able to receive and the quality of the TV signal.

Ask Question Step 1: How to Gut the TuneCast Those ever efficient Taiwanese manufacturer manage to secure this piece of gadget with just a single screw, if you’re handy with a screwdriver, that’s the job done! The first image shows the location of the screw ignore the switch for the moment, that comes later , the second one shows where to a gentle pry will open it, note the plastic latch. Add Tip Ask Question Step 2: Add Tip Step 3: Add Tip Step 4: