As there’s not much work about just now, I’ve been able to get on fairly quick with the rebuild. I would have been even further along if our hot water tank hadn’t given up the ghost and needed replacing! This shows me doing up the rear end connections of the control cables, clutch, gears and what have you. All quite fiddly and quite difficult to eliminate any backlash from the cables. I remember from when I was 16yrs old, that’s some memory , having lots of problems with the little trunions and 3mm Allen grub screws that clamp the cables into their operating links. The brass bit in the middle is the trunion. Having bought new ones, I find they come with a tiny steel disc about 3mm diameter that sits on top of the cable. This prevents the grub screw cutting or damaging it. Never heard of those in the 60’s, no wonder we had so much trouble keeping cables tight.

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Here’s a gadget that all bikers ought to have. We haven’t tested it yet , and the press release didn’t specify if it’s new. But what the hell? It’s worth a second airing even if it’s been around the block. This device is 91mm long, and weighs 85 grams and is waterproof to 20 metres. So if you accidentally ride your bike into the canal, your loved ones will be sure to catch your last gasps.

Lambretta SX – The SX superseded the TV as a more reliable cc scooter designed for the world market, but was released at a time when scooter sales were starting to dwindle. The SX benefited from its ability to be tuned for more speed and power, thus proving it a favourite with the then-burgeoning scooter racing scene in the cturer: golden era.

It was new in July or August with Kingstonian fleet names. An Ian Allan fleetbook correct to January gives it as carrying its name. If you Google “B40UAG”, the first result should give you a photo by the late Roy Marshall taken in Hull in and shows the name being carried between the windscreen wipers. Is that a remaining green gantry pole opposite Kingston Vets on the same side as the Apollo pub near the roundabout?

To the best of my knowledge, trolleybuses did not extend beyond Ings Road on the Holderness Road route after they directly replace the trams on this route in The green traction pole you refer to at Diadem Grove roundabout does indeed look like a former trolleybus pole. I suspect this was one of many to be re-planted at various locations for street lighting purposes following the withdrawal of trolleybuses in Hull in It begs the question as to why it is still there, apparently serving no purpose.

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Actually, says Stu Thomson, it’s quite straightforward. Here’s his handy guide The final part of rebuilding my little 98cc Gilera was to register the vehicle in the UK as it was an import from Italy. It was purchased without any paperwork to enable the year of manufacture to be determined. This would give me some proof of the manufacturing date for the NOVA paperwork.

Bsa Bantam D1 cafe racer bsa bantam cc racer. The engine has just been rebuilt by an ex tt mechanic, it has new bearings and seals throughout, is fitted with a alpha crank and polished alpha conrod, the cases are packed out, it has a todd racing head fotted and a close ratio gearbox fitted.

Four o’clock in the morning. Minimal traffic, minimal life. All in black, nearly invisible, with a sleek visored helmet that conceals the face. Two long, oblong backpacks, climb- ing ropes and harness across back and shoulders, tools at the belt. How is it possible? A button releases the magnetic charge when the bolt is pulled up by cords to a higher position. The Thief is remarkably strong and agile, scaling the wall with fluid precision, until Subtle spots which bathe paintings, sculptures, in a cavernous coldly-decorated space.

Pulleys, metal caribiner clips, yellow Kevlar ropes. The huge pane shudders in the wind, and the Thief slips The beeping, the green light, go OFF.

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Download This page contains information about installing the latest Midiman driver downloads using the Midiman. Midiman oxygen 8 driver vista then launch the mac. On HAX tech forever. Midiman oxygen 8 driver vista.

About Motorbike Registrations We take all the stress and worry regarding the dating certificate to enable you to get an age related number plate for your motorcycle. It could be imported from overseas or a bike that has “lost” its identity.

Lambeth Council redefines potholes When is a pothole not a pothole? When the local authority says it is, and that depends on how much dosh is in the kitty. Lambeth Council in London, for instance, used to take responsibility and fill ’em in when they had a depth of at least 0. But now they won’t spread the asphalt until the hole has turned into a crater at least 1.

And that means that your claim for suspension damage to your classic heap is likely to be rejected if you can’t meet the new rules. Of course, you personally don’t subscribe to the modern compensation culture and don’t hold out your hand for every grievance that comes your way. You’re not that kind of guy. Then again, you’ve paid for your share of the road and have a right to expect value for money.

But with the goalposts shifted, you could find yourself more easily shafted. So why the move? The damage to Britain’s roads caused by “bad weather” has reached a new crisis. Council’s are increasingly cash strapped. So the simple answer is to rewrite the rules. It’s worth mentioning that this has been going on for a long time, and that different councils apply different rules.

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Scooter motorcycle — A scooter or motor scooter is a motorcycle with step-through frame and a platform for the riders feet. Elements of scooter design have been present in some of the earliest motorcycles, Scooter development continued in Europe and the United States between the World Wars. The global popularity of scooters dates from the post-World War II introductions of the Vespa and these scooters were intended to provide low-power personal transportation. The original layout is widely used in this application.

The loveable air-cooled cc motor is bolted to the steel trellis frame, and the Euro 4 compliant engine develops 75bhp at 8, rpm and 68Nm of peak torque at 5, rpm. Although it is the same motor, riders can now expect quite a treatment to their ears due to the Termignoni silencer.

The company name is a portmanteau derived from the first two letters of each of the three founders’ surnames, Bi-anchi Mo-rri Ta-mburini. Created from the era when the Japanese manufacturers built powerful engines, but abysmal frames, Bimota rose to fame by designing and building models that were capable of harnessing the mighty Jap engines power, and went about demoralising Japanese factory teams on race tracks around the world. During the late s, Bimota also helped develop and build motorcycles branded as Lamborghinis, and in the s they also customised Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles.

Bimota’s co-founder and long-time chief designer Massimo Tamburini, has been an influential player in the development of other Italian brands, most significantly his work on the popular Ducati , the Ducati Paso, and the MV Agusta F4; other designers such as current Bimota chief Sergio Robbiano have also been involved with larger-volume manufacturers. Of all the specialist frame builders i. Unfortunately in the storey has finally ended with Bimota closing its doors for good. This spectacular Bimota KB1 has undergone a full bare-frame restoration including complete engine rebuild with bearings, new pistons, new valves etc, and full gearbox overhaul.

Ownership history of this bike is known and recorded back to the original UK purchaser. A total of 6 previous owners up until September , when the present owner imported it and over the years had the bike returned to its original factory specification. As you will see through the pics, all components are stamped with the Bimota logo, including a NOS original rear sprocket.

A selection of high res pictures can be viewed by clicking the link below. A Ducati Supersport In the world of collectible motorcycles, no manufacturer can equal the broad-based desire of Ducati. If a list was compiled of every bike in every collection around the globe, it would come as no surprise to see Ducati as the most dominate marque, and there is no model more sought-after than the Supersport, better known as the Greenframe.

Whilst there are many other bikes that are far rarer, and command much higher values, the Greenframe has become the ultimate trophy — no collection is considered complete if there is a Greenframe missing.

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You are almost certainly going to need both, so you may as well get them ready before you start. You will probably also need some new fibre washers which fit between the tap assembly and the tank itself to make sure no petrol leaks out here either. Before fitting the new corks to my taps I did a quick measure up for future reference. Each cork seal was about 6.

Apr 16,  · Re: frame numbers Post by culfy» Sun Apr 15, pm It would be massively easier if your friend just re applied for the v5 if he was the registered keeper, .

One restored Lambretta Well, just to keep everyone up to date with the story. My father and I went in to the garage at 10am this morning to finalise a few bits and bobs on our restoration project. First job was to ensure we snagged her properly, so we went over the earth fixings and made sure they were correct. Then, we added our new rear seat catch, which I collected the previous day. Then, it was time to fire her up.

She started on the second kick. However, when running, we had no headlight or speedo light.

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Neville used the guitar with the Fruit Eating Bears. One was taken for the compilation CD. The other was taken in at Jackson studios Rickmansworth whilst recording tracks for the said album. I used it all the time on gigs as a back up guitar, when strings went on the telecaster, the most notable occasion being the Chelmsford Rock punk festival when John Peel took photos of me playing it with blood dripping from my fingers.

I mean the action s not that bad. He says he still has the photo, but can t find it.

Then a Lambretta 4 sp, then a Yamaha cc twin ‘ringding’, then a Yamaha cc twin, then a 50cc shaft drive Yamahopper, then a 50cc Honda 5sp. Every now and then, I get a hankering, but old age and treachery wins out.

Our proven commission sale or SOR Sale or Return program is a great way to utilise and access our professional services and facilities while still maximising the return from your vehicle with minimal hassle, stress and time, If youd like to take advantage of this then please get in touch for further information.

Alternatively If youd like to move your vehicle on quickly and efficiently with minimal delay then we can make an offer on an outright purchase basis with payment and collection arranged soon after. A preserved Norton Commando Interstate Mk3 last owner since ! The appearance of this motorcycle is fantastic with the large Silver tank displaying a bright polished shine with correct Norton lettering and decal.

There are very light rub marks to the rear of the tank, barely visible, and the frame is in superb order with the stock stamping clearly legible. All original Norton trim pieces, rubbers and lights are in excellent order with only light aging apparent to the gauge cowls and some switchgear. The stainless steel and chrome pieces are original fitment and remain bright with only light markings.

The original material to the large contour seat is in superb order with only one tiny nick to the rear. An unrestored bike that has been used, enjoyed and cherished by the same owner since it was five years old! Electronic ignition and electric start are a feature of this Mk3 model and have been retained as intended. The engine is very clean and crucially it performs flawlessly having been subject to fastidious upkeep for regular long-distance touring by the now retired long-term owner. The original restrictive exhaust silencers have been replaced by accepted authentic upgrade cans which sound incredible.

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Doers Builders and Positive People Vietnamese Scooter Restoration Update By Paul Crowe When we wrote about the booming scooter restoration business going on in SE Asia, particularly Vietnam, many comments from scooter enthusiasts warned of the dangers of buying these rebuilds but I was careful to point out that just because some were bad it didn’t prove they all were.

We used Huy’s Scooters as an example of one of these rebuild shops and a comment we received last night is from a customer of Huy’s Scooters, telling of his troubles with the Lambretta he purchased. He started a website that addresses Vietnamese restorations and the photos from his purchase don’t look very good. From the minor dings and dents to a misaligned frame and the major rust and corrosion plus bad welds and lots of body filler, it looks a lot like the scooter he received confirms the warnings from the scooter crowd.

This is disappointing to say the least.

Buy Lambretta Lam Mens/Womens Designer Full-rim Eyeglasses/Eyeglass Frame (, Black / Gray) and other Eyewear Frames at Our wide selection is .

Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. The word Vespa means Wasp in both Italian and Latin! There has now been different versions of the Vespa since production began. When Vespa celebrated its 50th anniversary in , more than 15 million of the scooters had been sold worldwide, making it the most successful scooter of all time. Enrico decided to move the business from aircraft to scooter production after the end of the war as there was a need for low cost transport.

The group own 7 companies.

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Warranty Terms and Conditions If, within the extended warranty period, a failure occurs which is determined by Kawasaki to be caused by a manufacturing defect, Kawasaki will, at its discretion, arrange for the repair or replacement of the necessary parts at no cost to the customer. This can be carried out by any authorised Kawasaki Dealer. However, it is recommended that repairs and servicing are done by the original selling dealer who has a full history and knowledge of each product they have sold.

Note the following terms used throughout this document:

CUTS the painting from its frame with sure, perfect strokes. Rolls it quickly in acid-free paper. He means it. MAC You probably won’t be dating any of them, so what the hell. Gin looks around as they float through the maze of watercraft. , to a number of premium hotels in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Phuket, and Penang.

Voordat je er goed en wel erg in hebt, staan de feestdagen weer voor de deur en je familie en vrienden ook! Want feestdagen zijn een tijd van samenzijn. En op zulke dagen wil je zeker weten dat je genoeg spullen in huis hebt. Glazen bijvoorbeeld om die mooie wijn of champagne in te serveren. Wees daarom wijs en haal deze glazenset van Schott Zwiesel in huis. Ze zijn in verkrijgbaar voor rode wijn, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, witte wijn en champagne.

Hierdoor zijn de glazen blijvend briljant. Dat wil zeggen dat ze extreem breukvast, krasbestendig en vaatwasmachinebestendig zijn.

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