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As with chain , galvanized models represent the best economy. Stainless steel shackles are popular but care with regard to quality should be taken. A forged type is preferable, and cast versions should always be tested. To minimize the ‘weakest link’ factor, a ‘high load’ or ‘heavy duty’ level of strength is preferable. Some high quality shackles designed for high load have colored pins as a form of branding. This is just paint on top of the galvanizing.

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This sleeving is made from one of the strongest materials known, ballistic nylon. The tightly woven nylon is paired with an industrial hook and loop closure to provide a durable and flexible sleeving that’s super easy to install. The sleeve provides the best abrasion resistance and water repellence when compared to other nylon sleevings.

The high strength and durability also help to protect operators or other personnel safe from high-pressure fluids that may be traveling in the hoses. This kit is custom made for us, and offers many features no other companies product can match.

medium weight pile leads: hook up point is 7 feet below top of sheave; hammer guides are 23 inches apart, inches wide; and go to the top of 40 feet; ; 35* to 40 feet long (35 feet with 5 foot add on piece) leads weigh 4, lbs (with extra 5 foot added); $2,, photo ed(k); photo ee(k); photo ef(k); photo eg(k); photo el(k); photo em(k); photo en(k); photo eo(k); photo ep(k); .

It is a genuine, made in Holland product. Product Reviews How do you rate this product? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Posted by Unknown on 25th May Other shackles are hard to unscrew or have sharp burrs on them. These unscrew smoothly, have a nice finish, and no sharp edges.

Maybe call these Van “Best”?

Smart Hook for Telehandlers Uses Straightpoint Load Cell

How To Build A Trailer! There are many different ways to learn how to build a trailer. This guide is a step by step tutorial on how a builder can build a basic trailer at home in your garage or backyard. You can build your trailer exactly how we did, or you can take bits and pieces of the tutorial and adapt your techniques as you go. We all have different training and skill levels and how you apply them is up to you.

The array of soft shackle and jib sheets pulls across in front of a mast with little tendency to catch – reducing the need to place a crew member up on the foredeck. Strength: Soft shackles have been extensively tested. The ideal strength might approach four times the line strength as there are two lines on each side of the shackle – four in all.

LiftingSafety’s Automatic release Hook-Clamps provide a unique method to Automatically release a load from the rigging and can easily be adapted to suit customers requirements. Fully corrosion resistant designed specifically for subsea and offshore use with a proven pedigree and reliability. The LiftingSafety Automatic Load Release Hook-Clamp is perfect for when you need to quickly release a load, it comes in a large range of working capacities safe working loads and can be fabricated to suit your needs with bespoke capacities, large oversized eyes etc The Hook-Clamp can be used in a multitude of ways: To prevent the need to work at height, enabling the load to be disconnected from distance with-out the need to climb onto the load.

As a direct alterative to hydraulic release shackles, suitable for deepwater subsea operations.

Ultrahook Winch Hook

Advantages It is possible to hook and unhook remotely. No need to move up and down the truck bed or climb to elevated and dangerous places. The user can choose the most convenient slinging method for each application: This system brings to your company productivity, safety and comfort. Security Enhancements Including Altitude operations, eliminating the risk of a fatal accident.

Mar 06,  · Now push up on the worm just a little so you can slip the point of the hook just under the surface of the plastic. 10 Once the point is hidden beneath the surface, the Texas Rig is called “weedless” or “skin-hooked”.

Winching Technique-how to use a snatch block What is a snatch block? A snatch block is a pulley block with a side plate that swings open. When do you use it? Attach the snatch block to the second anchor point with a choke chain. A winching essential for safety and effectiveness. One of the rules of winching is to make sure your cable spools up on the winch drum evenly. This is easiest when you are winching straight forward. If you pull at an angle, the cable is more likely to bunch up on one side of the winch drum.

How Leaf Springs Work

Shackle Washers Comments Off RM rehanger slaughtering to evisceration The carcasses are hanging at the feet in the slaughter shackle. In the first shaft the carcasses are cut from the shackle, cutting differences can be seen on the previous page. The second shaft pall wheel transfers the carcass from the cutting wheel to the carousel table. The carousel table is a large disc transporting the carriers.

At the transfer point the speed of the carts is adapted to the connecting line and and shackle width.

The halyards run up and down the mast across a sheave (pronounced “shiv”) at or near the top of the mast. Halyards that are outside the mast are called “external” halyards, and those that run inside a hollow mast are called “internal” halyards. Probably the most common method is the use of a SHACKLE, a HALYARD HOOK should be used near.

Important news for the heavy lifting sector Efficient lifting below the hook Modulift has designed the Trunnion End Unit, a patent pending unit designed to improve safety and reduce the set up time required in heavy lift operations Written by Laura Hatton – 01 Dec Being versatile while improving safety and productivity are just some of the demands for below the hook equipment. Laura Hatton reports In the current market for below the hook equipment, there is a demand for versatile products that can work in a range of environments.

In the bulk transport sector, for example, there is an increasing demand for versatile, low headroom lifting beams and frames. This is especially true for dockside and vessel cranes. UK-based lifting equipment specialist Modulift has invested to develop advanced and custom designs for a wide range of lifting requirements. First, the more efficient a design the lighter it can be and therefore easier to handle.

Second is the placement of handling aids lifting lugs. We analyse our designs and test them to ensure that our components will lift balanced. This is very important as it avoids the unintentional swinging of a load as it leaves the ground. This allows for direct connection of slings to the spreader beam. Modulift products conform to the following standards: From manufacturer Sparta Engineering is a range of bolt together spreader bars.

The manufacturer has occasionally produced units but now offers more than 50 spreader bars in its library, including the bolt together units.

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If possible use Wide-Body shackles. Small diameter shackles reduce the sling strength and, most likely, that small diameter shackle also has insufficient capacity for that job. If the sling is too short you may have to adjust the capacity because of the sling angle.

3) Shackle or eye hook require at free end. 4) Identify your lifting angles, maximum should not exceed 90 o Use of Container Hooks will have SWL 8 Tons on each leg if suspended through a .

Anchors dig into the bottom rather than holding by immovable weight. To do this they have flukes to dig into softer bottoms or to find a crevice in hard bottoms. The anchor at left excels at digging into sand or softer mud but may drag relentlessly in harder bottoms. Since there is no one anchor good for all bottoms most boats will carry at least two different anchors with one as the primary. In the photo below we can see a lightweight anchor on the bow of a small powerboat.

The assembly at the bow holding the anchor is called the bow roller. The bail on top keeps the anchor from jostling about and coming free in heavy waves. This boater has chosen to use an all line anchor rode which is not recommended. This will make the anchor hard to set without the needed weight of anchor chain to hold the anchor on the bottom. Inside the eye splice is a metal thimble which prevents chafe on the line. This is attached to the anchor with a shackle which should be seized with stainless steel wire to prevent it from coming loose.

Let’s take a look at some anchors that not only work in soft bottoms but are also good for hard mud, weeds, and rocky bottoms. One of the most popular anchors on cruising boats, that will be anchoring in many different types of bottom conditions, is the plow style. So named because it resembles a farmers plow.

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It had been a wonderful evening. I really liked this woman, I was sure about that already, even though we had just met that day, at the conference. She was kind and intelligent, but obviously dominant, which I like in a woman. A good quality woman.

We all have different training and skill levels and how you apply them is up to you. You’ll also need a spring shackle for the rear portion of your trailer, as well as a shackle hanger for each side. A chain hook is required on safety chains in many states now so you might as well get them on if you are in a state that does not require.

Past experiences had left us wanting more. Our driver was finally getting into the corners hard enough to move the rear end around in the chassis, and we were experiencing incomplete races due to extreme parts failures like bent shocks. Leaf spring chassis have been around for years and AFCO had the experience to help us fix the problems.

We set our goals with this project car to install and tune our leaf springs for victory lane. After this, it was all going to be on the driver to get us there. Our project car was in some serious need of suspension help with smaller, worn out leaf springs that allowed excessive axle wrap and side to side movement of the rear end. Baker was familiar with this type of suspension because almost every track that has a street stock division features a parade of these Camaros in every race.

With a little information on the track and normal racing conditions, Baker was able to guide us to a set of leaf springs that would prove to be more than just a good starting place. While the leaf spring suspension may seem like a simple system with only two leaf springs, a couple sets of shackles and a couple sets of bushings, but there is more to the leaf spring setup than its simplicity would indicate.

Low friction bushings in the front eyes of the leaf springs are fine to use with no issues but you should make Delron bushings for the rear eyes of the springs and the rear chassis bushings. If you over tighten the springs it will cause the suspension to bind. AFCO offers leaf springs in several different spring rates for the Camaro in the dirt track market. By design, AFCO adds more material to the front part of the Camaro leaf springs to make them act more like Chrysler type asymmetrical design with a shorter and more stout front section.

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